Pioneers in pharmaceutical packaging

Alexander Schöllhorn (CFO), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer (CEO), Cristian Reiter (CTO), Michael Mrachacz (CSO)

Pioneers in pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging has been our core business for over 75 years and our global, pioneering role is primarily due to the trust our customers place in the groundbreaking performance of our teams. Strong, open and reliable - this is how we want our customers, partners and employees to experience us – because these are the qualities upon which we are basing the packaging ecosystem of tomorrow. We invite you to accompany us on this journey!

Your Uhlmann management team,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer (CEO), Michael Mrachacz (CSO), Cristian Reiter (CTO), Alexander Schöllhorn (CFO)

Our purpose, vision and mission

Our purpose, vision and mission

Our contribution to a better world

Our contribution to a better world

Our solutions ensure the integrity and safety of the packaged good. With this we build the foundation to transport sensitive products to people worldwide.

We are experts for all products that require specific protection against external influence like temperature, moisture as well as unwanted usage, counterfeit or contamination.

We want to improve the quality of life – today and for generations to come. Thus, we think in decades and are committed to corporate social responsibility, pursuing a comprehensive sustainability strategy with a special focus on climate protection.

The summit we want to climb

The summit we want to climb

We are committed to sustainability and think about it holistically. Starting with sustainable packaging materials, sustainable packaging concepts and designs, and an energy-efficient packaging process, we set standards and thus make a significant contribution to a sustainable world.

We are experts across the entire value chain of packaging sensitive products. From product and packaging design over system conception to data integration and production control. The packaging of pharmaceutical products is and remains our core business.

The packing ecosystem changes rapidly. Overarching trends such as digitalization, globalization and sustainability disrupt established processes, routines and business models and have an impact on the entire packaging value chain. We want to play an active part in this transformation. Being progressive, innovative and open to new ideas, we want to contribute to shaping the packaging ecosystem of tomorrow and move forward as pioneers.

Our promise to our partners

Our promise to our partners

We think holistically in terms of solutions – not only machines. From the planning of the packaging to the operation of the plant we advise our customers and deliver end-to-end solutions along the complete lifecycle. This covers the machine, digital solutions, service, maintenance and optimization measures

Our customers' pharmaceutical processes require the highest standards and regulations to protect sensitive products. Therefore, our customers depend on flawless, reliable, and certified solutions including a quality-assured documentation and validation. We take this obligation very seriously in our daily activities and comply with it.

We strive to maximize our customers’ output while minimizing their production downtime. Our solutions ensure a stable, reliable and efficient production process with a high output rate.

Our values


We are strong when

  • we inspire our customers.
  • we apply strategic foresight to recognize market needs and act accordingly.
  • we have an excellent market presence and penetration.
  • our product portfolio is the benchmark in the industry.
  • our financial resources ensure our independence, give us security and allow necessary future investments.

Open minded

We are open-minded when

  • we watch out for ideas and trends and thus give the sector fresh impetus.
  • constructive criticism helps us to continually improve to the benefit of our customers and employees.
  • we treat each other with respect.


We are reliable when

  • our customers are always able to count on us.
  • we keep to our commitments.
  • we treat customers, suppliers and employees as partners in a genuine manner.

Our history

Our history

In 1948, company founder Josef Uhlmann starts to produce precision molds for the production of suppositories. In doing so, he lays the foundation for development of the company in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. His son Friedrich joins the company in 1963 and progressively forms a machine construction company of international repute out of his father's trade workshop. After the death of her husband in 1994, Hedwig Uhlmann takes the helm as Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board. Under her management reliability and innovation continue to shape the company as it systematically builds on its global success. Tobias Uhlmann – son of Friedrich and Hedwig Uhlmann – becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Uhlmann Group in 2007. He continues to manage the family-owned company in the third generation. His objective is to strengthen Uhlmann's market leadership and ensure sustainable, long-term development.

Travel through our history


Commencement of production of high-precision molds for suppositories


Presentation of the world's first universal strip packaging machine HS 30


First pharmaceutical packaging machines and the new blister machine generation KP add impetus to the pharmaceutical industry


Market launch of the third generation of modular packaging machines UPS 1-4


International presentation of the first modular cartoner system C1


The series of modular cartoners commences


Launching of Blister machine UPS 1020, the new machine generation of the nineties


The continuous motion Cartoner C 2205 for blisters, bottles and pillow packs is introduced


Uhlmann technology is extended to the first end-of-line packaging machines


The Blister Express Center revolutionizes the conventional production structures of the pharmaceutical industry


Debut of the world's fastest Blister machine B 1880 with an output of up to 1,300 blisters per minute


Presentation of the IBC 240 – the first line for the packaging of tablets in bottles


Market launch of the BEC 300 – the flexible system comprising a blister and a cartoner module


Presentation of the IBC 120 – bottle line for solid dose products for the medium-sized output range


Market launch BEC 500 – flexible packaging line for batches of up to 150,000 packs


BEC 300 Containment – a highly flexible specialized solution on the basis of a standard machine


The BLU 400 sets new standards for the flexible and fast packaging of parenteral products


The BLU 400 sets new standards for the flexible and fast packaging of parenteral products


Präsentation of the IBC 150 - Efficient packaging of tablets in bottles


The Blister line BEC 400: Gread and small in one


Presentation of the BEC 200 – the flexible blister machine for tailored packaging solutions


BLU 200 – the flexible entry model for the secondary packaging of parenteral products


Pharmaceutical excellence all along the line – “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation”: seamlessly integrated end-of-line packaging machines


Market launch of the open software platform Pexcite – We connect. You control.


Presentation of the Serialization Platform S 500 – Unique marking and tracking of cartons and bottles


Debut of the Pexcite solution OEE Monitoring – for highest production efficiency and valuable insight into the overall equipment effectiveness

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