High-speed line performance. Low life cycle costs.
An ideal scenario for those managing  packaging and logistics in the pharma­ceutical industry would be to have a fully integrated packaging line for pharmaceuti­cal products where everything really fits together. However, in practice, they often have to put together their own packaging lines, often made up of machines and modules from different providers. As a  system solution provider, Uhlmann must show its customers all aspects of packing pharmaceuticals in blister packaging,  bottles and cartons. With its ‘Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation’ end­of­line packaging machines, Uhlmann sets new standards for complete solutions as a total solution provider.

Two intelligent technologies in a single machine.
‘Uhlmann powered by pester pac auto­mation’ – the name says it all: The four models on the production line are the  result of excellent teamwork. For this pro­ject, a shared philosophy defined a concept of flexibility and automation. Accordingly, the models have been developed to cover as wide a range of applications as possible. For instance, the stretch­banding machine can process folding cartons into various package formations and the case packer can pack small and large folding cartons into small and large cases. The high  degree of automation ensures maximum process  reliability and processing speed. The control software and user interfaces (HMI) have been designed so that they  can be integrated into existing Uhlmann packaging lines and the operating logic is identical across the entire packaging pro­cess. Operators quickly learn how to use the system and SmartControl reduces the risk of operating errors down to a minimum. All of the machines have been designed so that the stacker, grouping and feeder are easily accessible and within easy reach for operators. Moreover, the large magazines reduce the time required for reloading.

Our new end-of-line packaging machines cover a lot of requirements. If the system still isn’t working, as your turnkey partner, we can integrate another model from pester pac automation’s range.

Ralf Brehm, Senior Design Engineer, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

Integrated pharmaceutical security.
A key requirement of packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical industry is that individual packaging units must be traceable. The new end-of-line packaging machines are set up for this, making it easy to implement tracking systems such as Track & Trace by Uhlmann, medical device tracking and cold chain tracking.

Machines can be guided precisely without interruption.
The ‘Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation’ end-of-line packaging machines also stand out thanks to their other features. For instance, a foil splicer enables the foil rollers to be changed during operation. In addition, a counter support for the product insert ensures that even folding cartons of a smaller size are transported safely. Meanwhile, in the case packer, the drives for the case transport chain are located at the top, at the bottom and pulling at the corners. Four carrier belts safely transport the cases into their precise position during the process and the adhesive tape can be applied with precision.

The complete line concept is intended for packing challenging products quickly and without interruption so that they are ready for dispatch. In doing this, we want to give operators all options to be flexible in implementing new requirements.

Konstantin Gerbold, Global Product Manager, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

On the same line. At all levels.
The foundations for a partnership could hardly have been more ideal, with Uhlmann a globally leading system provider for the complete pharmaceutical packaging process combined with pester pac automation’s extensive expertise in end­of­line packaging for pharmaceutical and consumer goods. From the outset, everybody involved in this ‘end­of­line packaging machine coope­ration project’ had a shared objective – to simplify the challenges faced by our customers and provide a complete solution. Ralf Brehm, Senior Design Engineer at Uhlmann, puts it this way, ‘pester works in more or less the same way as we do and has similar structures and ways of thinking. This played a major role in the develop­ment process and the quality of the new end­of­line packaging machines.’ Manfred Albrecht, Associate Technical Director for  the Pharma Business Unit at pester pac  automation, shares this view, adding that, ‘everybody pulled together in this partner­ship project.’

First machines successfully in production.
In late July 2020, the combined packer  ECP 12 appeared live on Uhlmann’s online platform in two example line configurations for solids and parenteral solutions. The new generation of machines is also incorporated into Uhlmann’s website, with its own menu tab and detailed information about each of the four models. Since then, some of the new end­of­line packaging machines have already been put into operation in the field. ‘This success was only made possible by the cooperation between two experienced mechanical engineering specialists,’ says Konstantin Gerbold. ‘By working  with pester pac automation, we were able to increase benefits to customers considerably. I believe that this partnership will lead to more development projects in the future.’

You will obtain pharmaceutical excellence across the whole line, with clear added value for your productivity and flexibility. We are synonymous with sustainable and intelligent packaging technologies and offer all of our experience.

Norbert Rechner, Managing Director of pester pac automation


Our strength is our expertise in line machinery – we can crate tailored complete solutions for every customer and provide comprehensive services. Our partnership with pester pac automation to integrate end-of-line packaging machines once again demonstrates our innovativeness in developing economic and reliable complete solutions.

Michael Mrachacz, Managing Director of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

Issue 05/2021: Pharmaceutical excellence across the line

Issue 05/2021: Pharmaceutical excellence across the line

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